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1. What … at 20 years old, that’s to say five years ago? … anywhere or were you jobless?

a) did you do/ did you work
b) were you working/ did you work
c) had you worked/ were you working

d) were you working/ did you work

2. The other day we … her at the shop. She was busy putting on a red scarf.
a) were meeting
b) met
c) meet
d) had met

3. My mother … supper by the time I appeared. When I … she was still preparing it.
a) did not cook/ was returning
b) had cooked/ return
c) wasn’t cooking/ returned
d) had not cooked/ returned

4. Last summer our kids … the competition. Fortunately, they won first place.
a) took part in
b) was taking part in
c) were taking part in
d) had taken part in

5. It … his first voyage that day. He …to New York many times.
a) were not/ was already
b) was/ been already
c) wasn’t/ had already been
d) was not/ was already

6. ….I started talking … they interrupted me.
a) hardly have/ when
b) hardly/ if
c) hardly had/ when
d) hardly had/ than

7. Once upon a time there … a witch together with her husband and stepdaughter.
a) were living
b) living
c) had lived
d) lived

8. We went home after it … snowing.
a) had stopped
b) have stopped
c) stopped
d) was stopping

9. … your bother … off the table before I turned up?
a) have/ felled
b) did/ fell
c) had/ fallen
d) did/ fall

10. She … her school in 2000, then she … a job in 2003 and then she … married in spring, 2005.
a) finished/ found/ got
b) was finishing/ find/ get
c) had finished/ had found/ had got
d) fisnished/ finded/ getted

1. a
2. b
3. d
4. a
5. c
6. c
7. d
8. a
9. c
10. a



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