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В этом тесте вы сможете проверить, насколько хорошо вы усвоили разницу между Past Simple и Present Perfect.

1. Is it the second time you … Russia? No, I … Russia four or five times.

a) have been to / have been to
b) had been to / was in
c) were in / was in
d) was going to / was to

2. Tom and I … friends since childhood.

a) has been
b) were
c) have been
d) was

3. We … a kitten 2 months ago. 

a) bought
b) have bought
c) were buying
d) buy

4. He ... his work yet.

a) didn't finish
b) haven't finished
c) hasn't finished
d) hadn't finished

5. Last night my neighbour … you in a perfumer's shop. 

a) seen
b) seed
c) have seen
d) saw

6. We … to throw a party three days ago but mother … no.

a) have decided / have said
b) decided / said
c) has decided / said
d) were deciding / say

7. … you … my letter from the USA yet? I … it to you a week ago.

a) have – receiving / was sending
b) did – receive / sent
c) have – received / sent
d) are – received / sent

8. ... you ... the newspaper today?

a) have / read
b) did / read
c) have / readed 
d) did / readed

9. Why … you enter the college in 2000? 

a) not
b) haven’t 
c) were not
d) didn’t

10. Suvorov never ... a single battle.

a) has lost
b) lost
c) did lose
d) hasn't lost


1. a
2. c
3. a
4. c
5. d
6. b
7. c
8. a
9. d
10. b



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