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1. I couldn't make an omelette because I had ... eggs.

a) no
b) none
c) no one
d) nothing

2. I took a few photographs but ... of them were very good.

a) no
b) none
c) nothing
d) nobody

3. I cancelled the party because ... of the friends I invited could come.

a) no
b) none
c) nothing
d) nowhere

4. I can't buy this T-shirt. I have ... money.

a) no
b) none
c) no one
d) nothing

5. Where are you going?

a) I'm going nothing.
b) I'm going none.
c) I'm going nowhere.
d) I'm going no one.

6. What did you tell them?

a) I told them none.
b) I tell them nothing.
c) I told them nowhere.
d) I told them nothing.

7. How much of that money was yours?

a) None of that money is mine.
b) No of that money is mine.
c) None of that money was mine.
d) No of that money were mine.

8. Is there any water in the jug?

a) Yes, there is no water.
b) No, there is none.
c) No, there is nobody.
d) No, there are none.

9. There was complete silence in the room. ... said ... .

a) No / nothing
b) Anybody / anything
c) Nobody / nothing
d) Nobody / anything

10. We wanted to go to the cinema but we couldn't because ... of us had ... money.

a) no / any
b) none / any
c) nothing / anything
d) nobody / nothing


1-a, 2-b, 3-b, 4-a, 5-c, 6-d, 7-c, 8-b, 9-d, 10-b



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