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В этом тесте вы сможете проверить, насколько хорошо вы усвоили тему Present Continuous Tense.

1. Now I … in the club. And what about you? What are you doing?
a) am dancing
b) is dancing

c) are danced
d) dancing

2. Right now he … home. 
a) drives
b) is driving
c) are driving
d) will drive

3. Listen! Somebody … to break into our house! Call the police immediately.
a) is trying
b) are trying
c) tries
d) tried

4. Look! All the teachers … at him. He may be expelled from school in a little while (скоро).
a) is shouting
b) am shouting
c) shout
d) are shouting

5. More and more animals … extinct. We need to take care of nature.
a) is becoming
b) are becoming 
c) become
d) will become

6. She’s always … (ворчит) at me when she’s in a bad mood (в этом случае означает негодование).
a) nag
b) nagged
c) nagging
d) nags

7. At this instant we are not … down (скашивать) the grass, we … sowing (сеять).
a) mowing/ are
b) mowing/is
c) mown/ are
d) mowed/ is

8. Don’t talk so loudly. Our son … in his room.
a) are studying
b) studying
c) is studying
d) studies

9. My nephew … for another job these days. He wants to work at night.
a) are looking
b) look
c) looking
d) is looking

10. Just now we … the table (убираем посуду до стола) and washing up.
a) is clearing
b) are clearing
c) clear
d) clears

1. a
2. b
3. a
4. d
5. b
6. c
7. a
8. c
9. d
10. b



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