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В данном тесте вы сможете проверить свои знания в употреблении фразовых глаголов.

1. While they were on holiday their house was broken ______ and some valuable paintings were stolen.

A) down
B) into

C) about
D) away

2. After a bitter discussion they went ______ each other.

A) to
B) at
C) off
D) over

3. No one really believed it when the news came that Titanic had ______.

A) gone away
B) gone down
C) gone out
D) gone by

4. By the way, Bill, how much did that Regency desk go ______ in the auction on Saturday?

A) away
B) for
C) in
D) off

5. A: And another thing I’d like to say is that...

    B: Sorry to ______, Mr. Green, but you’re wanted on the phone.

    It’s your wife.

A) butt in
B) get through
C) stop over
D) go over

6. By the way, Clive ______ (paid a short visit) but you were out.

    So I told him to come and see you tomorrow.

A) fall for
B) called by
C) get by
D) cut down in

7. I was just getting out of the bath when the lights ______.

A) went up
B) went off
C) went away
D) went down

8. Don’t eat that cheese - it’s ______!

A) gone away
B) gone out
C) gone off
D) gone down

9. He had such a strong accent that it was very difficult to ______ what he was saying.

A) make up
B) make out
C) make over
D) make for

10. When the meeting had finished, they went ______ the plan once again.

A) up
B) on
C) over
D) down

11. Lucille is ______ a difficult period at work right now.

A) going into
B) going over
C) going out of
D) going through.

12. Could you hand ______ a minute? I’ll be right back.

A) on
B) in
C) up
D) on to

13. Now, James, are you quite sure that I’m not putting you ______ (putting you to any trouble)?

A) after
B) by
C) out
D) over

14. The police are still looking for the three prisoners who ______ (escaped from) jail at the weekend.

A) broke out of
B) set off
C) take up
D) cross out

15. My boss has ______ playing golf three afternoons a week.

A) taken over
B) taken to
C) taken for
D) taken out


1 – B, 2 – B, 3 – B, 4 – B, 5 – A, 6 – B, 7 – B, 8 – C, 9 – B, 10 – C, 11 – D, 12 – A, 13 – C, 14 – A, 15 – B.




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